We’re On a Mission To Unpack Sustainability Impact

At Berlin Packaging, we're leading the future of sustainable packaging

Innovation & Circularity

Innovation & Circularity

Energy Efficient & Decarbonization

Energy Efficient & Decarbonization

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Waste Reduction


Biodiversity & Community Management

Biodiversity & Community Management

Unpacking Our Sustainability Progress

Driving Packaging Innovation

From Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses, we partner with brands to unpack their sustainability potential. Our innovative packaging solutions optimize sustainability, brand impact, and performance.

Empowering Our Customers

We take a holistic approach to unpacking sustainability impact. Through our expansive suite of sustainability capabilities, we help our customers meet—and even go beyond—their sustainability goals.

Developing Our Sustainable Headquarters

Our EMEA Headquarters represent our Berlin values of innovation, sustainability, employee wellbeing, and local community support. We achieved LEED Gold certification, which is a promising step towards increasing our sustainable infrastructure efforts.

Sustainability is not only a moral or social imperative: it is an open door to redefine what is possible

Bill Hayes

Global CEO & President

Going Beyond the Packaging

As a strategic packaging partner, we work with brands to drive growth and unpack their full sustainability potential.
Through our C.O.R.E. model and industry-leading suite of sustainability services, we provide a holistic approach that goes beyond the packaging.
Together with our customers, suppliers, and partners, we’re co-creating packaging solutions that enable sustainable living at scale.


Unpacking Sustainability Impact: Empowering Our Customers

Ivy Hair Care

Our Studio One Eleven team integrated PCR plastic into the hair care company’s product packaging. This packaging update aligned with the brand’s sustainability ethos: all products are vegan, and they offer a packaging return program for their customers.


Argotier, a French brand of organic, local, and ready-to-drink cocktails sought packaging that aligned with their sustainability values. They chose to use Helium Mixology, our Climate Partner-certified bottle. Argotier appreciated the unique light green color of the bottle, which was achieved thanks to the high level of recycled glass content.

We empower our customers to achieve their sustainable packaging goals and differentiate themselves in the market

Balaji Jayaseelan

Vice President of Sustainability

Accelerating a Circular and Sustainable Future

Sustainability isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. As the World’s Largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, we’re uniquely positioned to drive sustainability across diverse product markets. Whether it be for a beauty brand or a winery, we create best-fit sustainable packaging solutions for each company.

Through our design and innovation divisions, we design and launch our products to anticipate and accelerate sustainable packaging trends, such as reuse and refill. In doing so, we help pilot, scale, and mainstream products and practices that truly meet the refill & reuse sustainability needs of the marketplace.

Beyond Our Report

Accelerating Progress

We’re integrating sustainability into everything we do—including our products, operations, and in partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Empowering Our Customers

We’re developing and delivering sustainable solutions, tools, and resources to help our customers unpack their full sustainability impact.

Driving Positive Impact

We’re committed to doing our part to build a more sustainable future. Together, let’s accelerate the circular economy and unpack positive impact for our people and our planet.

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