Berlin Packaging announces the winners of the 16th edition of the competition Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass Design Award

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    16 November 2022
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Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® specialising in the supply of glass, plastic and metal packaging and closures, has announced the winners of the 16th edition of the Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass Design Award.

Founded in 1997, the initiative proposes a workshop-competition dedicated to design, aimed at students of the main universities in order to create new and innovative forms of packaging to be presented on the market. Strong collaborations with renowned design institutes around the world – including Politecnico di Milano, the IED of Madrid and that of Milan, the UCSF of Santa Fe, University of the Arts London and the Weissensee Hochschule of Berlin among others – the competition gave students an opportunity to create five prototypes for each of the four categories of the reference sectors for Berlin Packaging (Spirits, Oil and Vinegar, Wine and Home Fragrances).

Students have tried to devise increasingly innovative solutions with the aim of offering contemporary packaging, in line with market and cutting-edge trends. For each category, a first and a second place were selected, and then an overall winner was chosen.

We are proud to present the winners of this edition of the competition, especially as it returns after a stop due to Covid. For us at Berlin Packaging, it is really exciting to offer talented young people the chance to embrace their technical and creative skills, and we look forward to understanding which of these projects will be most successful among our customers. For the company, this competition represents an important tradition that over the years has helped to highlight our nature as innovators and our commitment to finding solutions that are not only always up to date, but that anticipate market trends. Therefore, we intend to continue investing in this project, relaunching it in future years, together with the most important design schools in the world.

Paolo Recrosio

CEO, Berlin Packaging EMEA

Over the 16 editions, BGDA has proposed about 300 models, of which over 60 have been manufactured at an industrial level and have generated over 200 different items in terms of capacity, colour and openings. The company has sold more than 10,000,000 pieces created or developed by the competition and young designers have been granted copyright.

For the last edition of the BGDA, the students of Politecnico di Milano for Italy, the Münster School of Design for Germany, the FS Pack Cognac for France, the UCSF Catholic University of Santa Fe for Argentina and the IUC University of Illinois Chicago for the USA were involved and during the awards evening the prototypes of the 20 finalists who were voted by an exceptional jury made up of managers, customers and important partners of Berlin Packaging who evaluated the originality and creativity of the proposals. The finalists’ projects will be registered and filed by Berlin Packaging as usual, so that they can be marketed if requested.

The first prize went to MESH, by Davide Intravaia, a student at Politecnico di Milano, while the second place was awarded to the project by Daisy Ruiz, RELIC, an IUC student.

For this category, the winner of first place was Mercedes Luhaces of UCSF, with HELEN. In second place came CARMEN, by the student of Politecnico di Milano Alessandro Ceriani.

HARMONY won the first prize, another entry by Mercedes Luhaces. DECOLTE’ is the name of the project by Giulia Macchini from Politecnico di Milano that won the second place in the category.

FUJI was awarded first place, created by Pham Minh Phuc of the Münster School of Design, while second place went to Maria Cecilia Buonocunto, a student of Politecnico di Milano, with GRAMMY.

Finally, two honourable engineering mentions were awarded, an honourable mention for sustainability and an award for the Best Graphic Panel.

The first Engineering mention went to NEFERTITI, a project made in Italy by Giulia Pietracaprina, a student of Politecnico di Milano; the second was awarded the French Victor Renaud, who for the FS Pack Cognac is the creator of HAYIM for the Wine section.
Agustina Massei of UCSF deserved the special mention for sustainability with DRIKO ECO, an entry in the Home Fragrances category.

The aforementioned MESH by Davide Intravaia was also awarded the Best Graphic Panel.

The overall winner of the competition is FUJI by Pham Minh Phuc.

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