Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass DESIGN AWARD

From idea to reality

The Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass Design Award has given a possibility to Industrial Design Students across the world to challenge themselves to design shapes suitable for a variety of markets. Not only a competition, but a real workshop where young design students can follow the thinking and crafting process step by step: eight months of a real formative experience within a lab where professionals work every day creating premium products.

More than a competition

This competition was created willing to share its field expertise with students, other than offer a professional opportunity to expand their knowledge.

The 16th Design Competition

Students have tried to devise increasingly innovative solutions with the aim of offering contemporary packaging, in line with market and cutting-edge trends.
The overall winner of the competition is FUJI by Pham Minh Phuc.

For over 20 years the competition has transformed the dreams and aspirations of young design students into concretely professional results and represents the company’s commitment to bringing constant innovation to the world of luxury packaging.

Its shape recalls a mountain in its fluid, soft and natural physiognomy that fills the mind with peace, tranquility and balance. The closure represents the peak of the mountain, perforated at the top to insert the sticks that can also be placed next to the bottle in the appropriate plate.

Pham Minh Phuc – Münster School of Design

Absolute Winner 2022

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