Berlin Packaging wins at the Pentawards in London

A success for the new Berlin Beauty division, which focuses on innovation and sustainability
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    26 September 2022
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Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announces the award received at the Pentawards, the leading global platform and community for packaging design, by its new division Berlin Beauty focused on innovative and sustainable products.

Berlin Beauty aims to be the ideal ‘one-stop-shop’ partner for cosmetics companies of all sizes, supporting them from product design to production, including primary packaging, secondary packaging, decoration and formula.
For this market, as for the others where Berlin Packaging operates, focusing on sustainability is important. The company’s is in fact committed to offering innovative sustainable packaging design.

As the world's largest hybrid packaging supplier, Berlin Packaging is not beholden to a specific material or process; therefore, it can provide unbiased sustainability advice based on factual studies and a wide range of packaging options. We pledge to provide our customers with the broadest array of sustainable packaging options and to assist them in making packaging choices that optimally balance maximized application performance and minimal environmental impact.”

Dario Bassetti

CMO, Berlin Packaging EMEA

One product that embodies this philosophy won the Pentawards Gold Award in the Professional conceptual work – Body, skin, health & beauty category: Ninu Perfume, the first AI-enhanced sustainable smart perfume. With over 100 fragrances in a single product, Ninu Perfume is an all-round custom project: thanks to a dedicated app, users can choose the available fragrances according to the mood of the day, to create their own tailor-made perfume at any time. Artificial intelligence monitors the user’s olfactory preferences and their variations in order to suggest the most suitable fragrance at any time. In addition, thanks to its design user can always use the outer container, replacing and recycling the cartridges.

In addition to this project, other key Berlin Beauty products made their mark at the recent London Packaging Week (where the division participated under with the brand Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries), where innovative products and prestige refillable and sustainable solutions were showcased. Examples include Makeup in Glass, the collection of glass packaging that can be combined with multiple accessories to cover different areas of application to create unique, sustainable and recyclable beauty sets with a wide range of decoration options to meet all brand needs; Airglass Jar represents a sustainable alternative to classic plastic solutions: refillable in simple steps, its airless technology protects the formula against external contamination and reduces product waste also thanks to the new frontal dispenser for an even more user-friendly and waste-proof dosage; and finally Foamy 150 ml, the first glass packaging for foam formulas in the skincare market, with a premium feel, recyclable materials, and infinite possibilities for decoration.

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