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Bloom is a new season of design, the renewal of shapes, the new springtime of packaging for the Home Fragrance sector. The collection renews the great classics and the most traditional lines on the market to allow them to blossom with a natural aesthetic evolution. A transformation which intends to set a new paradigm for the entire world of room fragrances.


Universal beauty

Circle and square, divine perfection and terrestrial space. 
Margot is the classic line combined with a contemporary dimension to achieve a next-generation aesthetic balance. Unprecedented shapes enhanced by a designer diffuser, aimed to reproduce the special combination of the bottle’s rounded corners and flat surfaces.


Innate sensuality

Giselle is a past which pushes towards the future, evoking timeless emotions. The punt looks like the sun rising in the morning, with a dynamism that increases as it follows the movement of the rounded shoulder. Sinuous lines which find in the Giselle diffuser the perfect closure to the circle.


Iconic versatility

One of the most iconic designs conceived by the creative genius of the Innovation Centre is now finding new interpretations. New shapes and capacities renew the magical balance between square compactness and rounded corners in an evolution of different styles and moods to satisfy every aesthetic need.

Elise Revive

Sustainable elegance

Elise Revive is based on the design of the well-known Elise line by Studio One Eleven. It is a bottle aimed to spread out both fragrances and sustainable values, thanks to the use of an eco-friendly glass.
Elise Revive is a bottle of great elegance, permeated by a sustainable concept. It contains 20% post-industrial glass and 10% post-consumer glass, making it a true icon of sustainability.

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