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The bottles from the Selection line represent our best expression of quality and innovation. Each design has highly distinctive details that bestow exclusivity on the product. Allow yourself to be impressed by the finishes that recall tradition, the accentuated punts and unprecedented shapes, exalted by the use of different colors – extra flint glass, champagne green and ancient green.


The bottles from the Experience range combine the functionality of traditional models with modern trends in the wine market. Lines that retrace the most classic designs with small variations on the theme, to go down in history with an original take. The Itinera collection includes Aurelia, a bottle that boasts “100% Carbon Neutral” production, and which bears witness to the journey towards an increasingly more sustainable approach to production.


100% Carbon Neutral

Aurelia is the bottle from the Itinera collection designed for wineries in touch with the issue of sustainability. The “100% Carbon Neutral” production is achieved by using electricity from renewable sources, biomethane instead of natural gas and a program dedicated to offset residual CO ₂ emissions. Available in both ancient green and emerald green, in order to maximize the recycled glass content and create the perfect vessel for organic wine growing.

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