Cosmoprof 2023: Berlin Packaging presents the innovation of beauty packaging

From endlessly refillable and travel-friendly glass packaging solutions to recyclable flexible refill packaging, the company's offering revolves around the green concept of "Design Consciousness"
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    15 March 2023
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Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® specialising in the supply of glass, plastic and metal packaging and closures, participates with Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna again this year., Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries will present some cutting-edge innovations, united by the concept of “REspect the environment” at the trade show, at Hall 15 – stand B16 – C21: this pushes the company to create packaging solutions that respect the environment in line with the specific needs of the beauty market.

Reuse, reduce, recycle are the principles around which Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries designs recyclable solutions with the lowest possible environmental impact that can be reused or refilled, forming part of a virtuous recycling process as much as possible.

Among the new products are Airglass Refill & Go and Airglass Slim Refill & Go that combines the safety of an airless solution with the sustainability of a refill. With a simple click, thanks to the bayonet mechanism, the glass bottle becomes refillable an infinite number of times. This special feature allows the creation of an entire collection of different products, using the same glass bottle combined with airless refills with different formulas, each with its own dispensing system.

AirGlass Refill & Go and Airglass Slim Refill & Go are the perfect allies for beauty formulas that need to be kept free from external contamination, thanks to the combination of airless packaging inside a refillable glass bottle. Airglass Refill & Go stands out for its compact and minimalist design, while AirGlass Slim Refill & Go combines a glamorous and slender aesthetic with a special assembly feature that facilitates the correct disposal of each component thanks to a completely removable filling system.

Both collections also represent a perfect solution for travellers, as they allow consumers to separate the Airless PP bottle from the glass bottle: thanks to a safety clip that blocks the pump from dispensing, they can take them in total safety, effectively halving the weight of the product transported.

This year the Makeup in Glass collection is enhanced by iconic glass bottles with a squared shape combined with round accessories, for an attractive, playful and immediately recognisable design. This collection of bottles, available in 5ml and 10ml sizes, can be combined with multiple accessories to cover different areas of application, ranging from specific products for face and lips with flocked applicators, to those for eyes and eyebrows, with mascara applicators in different shapes to obtain different performances. The glass increases the product’s perceived value and allows a wide variety of decorations to meet all brand needs, with the option of choosing between an elegant and classy or bold and contemporary look.

For the extra-premium packaging segment, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries offers the sophisticated look of the Double Glass collection. Available in two sizes of 15ml and 30ml, it is the perfect mix of elegance and sophistication thanks to its attractive design: a tubular glass ampoule seemingly suspended inside a larger glass bottle that protects it from the outside while showcasing and enhancing the textures of the beauty formulas. Like the other collections, Double Glass is also designed for sustainability and reuse of packaging: once the product is finished, the ampoule can be easily replaced, up to a maximum of 25 refills.

Finally, the range of solutions on display at Cosmoprof is completed by Foamy 150ml, the first glass packaging for foam formulas on the skincare market. It has a premium feel, it is sustainable – since all the components can be easily separated and differentiated by material – and offers infinite possibilities for decoration. It is presented in combination with Sashi flexible packaging, available in standard 250ml and 500ml sizes, made entirely of PE and fully recyclable. Customisable over its entire surface to make any brand’s beauty offerings attractive, Sashi flexible packaging also has a reduced environmental impact thanks to an extremely lightweight and compact format that reduces the overall pre-filling volume and transport costs.

Berlin Packaging is returning to Cosmoprof to present itself as a "one-stop shop", a 360° partner that can meet customer demands with consistently cutting-edge proposals for the beauty industry. A perfect example of this is the new products presented at the trade show this year, expressing a sophisticated design in line with the trends of a dynamic and constantly evolving sector

Alessandro Prestini

Chief Executive Officer, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries

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