Berlin Packaging establishes itself with a single brand across EMEA

After strengthening its presence with 15 acquisitions in Europe, the leading packaging supplier and services provider is now launching a rebranding process. The aim is to be a global player rooted in local territories.
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    15 October 2021
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Berlin Packaging, a leading supplier of glass, plastic and metal packaging and closures, has announced the companies acquired in the EMEA region, which until now have retained their own brand accompanied by the wording “a Berlin Packaging company”, but which today take the name of Berlin Packaging along with that of their geographical region.

Bruni Glass | Berlin Packaging with its strong equity will continue to exist as a commercial brand to emphasize the reputation and historical importance that live on in the new entity’s most prestigious glass packaging collections.

The rebranding operation is part and parcel of our “glocal” expansion plan, which strives for new European acquisitions and investments, while building the brand awareness of our company as a Hybrid Packaging Supplier. In 2021, Berlin Packaging concluded almost one acquisition per month in EMEA, and we expect to continue with the same intensity in the next 12-18 months, adding operations that increase the company’s EMEA revenue which is now approaching $1billion. New offices will be opened in EMEA, from France to Holland and the new headquarters for the entire EMEA area will be located in Milan.

Paolo Recrosio

CEO of Berlin Packaging EMEA

Berlin Packaging views each acquisition with an eye towards organic growth. Our approach involves retaining the acquired company’s employees, leadership teams, and physical locations, making them strategic partners of our team under the same banner. Our size and global scale brings unique capabilities and new value-added services to our newly-acquired companies – including innovation and design, financial backing and resources, 1700 global suppliers, local warehousing/fulfillment, and consulting services in critical areas such as sustainability and branding.

Bill Hayes

CEO and President of Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging currently invests from 3% to 5% of its revenue in Europe in research and development, focusing on intellectual property, models and patents. 

Over the past 18 months the workforce in EMEA grew by over 170 people, approaching 1000 employees.

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