Bruni Glass launches the new Bloom collection at Luxe Pack for the Home Fragrance sector

A collection of fifteen bottles with a refined and exclusive design that will enrich the brand’s offer
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    27 September 2021
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Berlin Packaging, a leading supplier of glass, plastic and metal containers and closures, today presents “Bloom”, an innovative collection of bottles for the Home Fragrance market. The new line will be presented at Luxe Pack Monaco, the international trade fair for luxury packaging, and exhibited at the Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass stand (Ra17) located in the Hall Ravel.

Our company is experiencing a one-of-a-kind moment where Berlin Packaging’s forte in services and logistics capacity is combined with the innovation and design inherited from Bruni Glass. For this reason we will continue to stand out for the development of cutting-edge projects in terms of design and quality: elements underpinning our new collection in the world of Home Fragrance. The knowledge and skills of our Innovation Center led to original shapes and innovative designs that are bound to make their mark. More than stylistic modifications, these are unique concepts, created based on the nature and language of the sector itself. The distinguishing feature of a company which has the strength and spirit to take a leading role also in the Home Fragrance sector.

Paolo Recrosio

CEO of Berlin Packaging EMEA

“Bloom” collection is a new season of design, the renewal of shapes, the new springtime of packaging for the Home Fragrance sector. The collection revisits the great classics and the most traditional lines on the market to allow them to blossom with a natural aesthetic evolution. A transformation which intends to set a new paradigm for the entire world of room fragrances.

Bloom is a collection that meets the needs of small and large companies in the sector, with a range suited to every product, and is grouped into four families: Margot, Giselle, Yvonne and Elise Revive.

Margot is the classic design par excellence combined with a contemporary dimension to achieve a next-generation aesthetic balance. Unprecedented shapes enhanced by a designer diffuser and created with the special combination of the bottle’s rounded corners and flat surfaces. The main creations include: Cubic, inspired by the shape of a cube but with a sophisticated silhouette, Briolette with a slender shape synonymous with elegance and its “companion” Briolette Candle, characterised by a design that impresses with its refined minimalism.

The bottles from the Giselle family are characterised by their great sensuality, Giselle is a past which pushes towards the future, evoking timeless emotions, the silhouette is sinuous and the design soft and round. Harmonious lines, which find in the Giselle diffuser the perfect closure to the circle.

Yvonne is the family with the most iconic design. New shapes and capacities renew the magical balance between square compactness and rounded corners in an evolution of different styles and moods to satisfy every aesthetic need. There are 3 products in this family: Yvonne Classic, a true icon of the Home Fragrance world now in a smaller format; the refined Yvonne Baguette, designed to impress and give personality to any space, and Yvonne Supreme, an upward evolution, where the bottle is even more slender, elegant and exclusive, elevating the range and the sensations it is able to evoke.

Lastly, the Elise Revive line is a container of fragrances as well as of sustainable values, thanks to the use of eco-friendly glass. A bottle with a minimal shape of great elegance.

Further information on the entire “Bloom” range is available from today on the websites,

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