De Nigris

De Nigris A 100% Made in Italy product, excellence in recipe and packaging for De Nigris Balsamic Vinegar. Between De Nigris family and Berlin Packaging there is a long collaboration, based on a same value: innovation, tradition, sustainability, care for local communities, and attention to quality, plus a spark of creativity that is what they … Read more

Savor & Sens

Savor & Sens Colorful and unique glass packaging for French delicacies The philosophy of Savor & Sens brand is “Du bon dans du beau” meaning “The good in the beautiful”. It refers to tasty, original and colorful products, which represent a 100% French culinary know-how, in attractive and colorful packaging. With Berlin Packaging’s extraordinary capabilities … Read more


Agriston The exclusive design for an unparalleled olive oil Agriston, Greek producer of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, has chosen Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass Elenie bottle for its prestigious and aromatic olive oil. Elenie is the winning design of the Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass Design Award 2019, created by Katharina Seizew, student from the … Read more


Frantoio Agostini Oliena is a packaging symbol of top quality Italian olive oil According to Frantoio Agostini, a bottle of olive oil can no longer be anonymous when the oil is of such high quality. That is why the company has chosen Oliena, the in-house developed Berlin Packaging | Bruni Glass top range glass container. … Read more

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