Our customers have the exact packaging they need

As Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, we take care of the entire packaging cycle. We fulfill any client’s need in any material. We have EMEA-based center of excellence in glass, plastic and closures, each with widespread network of suppliers.  


Each customer can take advantage of 100+ ovens and 1000+ production lines. This way, we give them flexibility when it comes to manufacturing processes.

With us, it is possible to choose a number of items to produce and the color that varies from extra-flint to opaque black can be also developed specifically for a product. With Berlin Packaging, clients can satisfy every single requirement and desire to make their packaging truly unique.


When it comes to plastic packaging supply, we help you achieve different goals:

  • Cost-effectiveness – we have high industrial production capacities
  • Premiumization and customization – we help your product’s packaging stand out in the competitive market
  • Sustainability – we provide innovative eco-friendly and recyclable solutions, increasingly requested by our customers

Caps & Closures

Closing systems make our offer complete. Our caps and closures have been designed and produced to meet the highest standards. We provide closures for wine, spirits and other beverages, for alimentary products, as well as for pharmaceutical and personal care products.

Because we buy closures separately from the containers, there are more opportunities to customize the packaging.