Spirit market trends

To serve customers better and offer them the most cutting-edge solutions, we at Berlin Packaging constantly monitor spirits market trends that open up new market prospects. For example, premiumization has become a trend in the alcohol industry: more and more consumers seek premium products. Also, the increasing popularity of high-end drinks among millennials has been fueling global market growth.

Each product deserves its special bottle

Thanks to our extraordinary experience in the glass industry, Berlin Packaging is a leading supplier of specialty and premium glass with a remarkable experience in spirits market. The product’s appearance shows its look and determines the feeling and how important the use of shape and colors is for spirits bottles. Customers can choose from a variety of packaging solutions and collections or to create a unique bespoke bottle together with a team of professional designers of Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven.

Explore the sublime world


At Berlin Packaging, a wide range of caps and closures is available for spirits. For instance, bartops, capsules, Vinolok and wax closing systems and more. Because the caps are bought separately from the containers, there are more opportunities for  packaging customization. The closures come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to suit different bottles and guarantee products’ optimal preservation and can stand out for their customizable design.

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