Wine market trends

We at Berlin Packaging constantly monitor current market trends to offer customers the most modern and innovative products and serve them better.

The latest tendencies show an overall increase of consumption and a particular growth of online sales. Recent discoveries demonstrate that several types of wine, such as prosecco (normally bought for celebrations and parties), are now being consumed more on a daily basis. The success of rosé wine has also increased, becoming a symbol of a glamorous and stylish lifestyle.

Each wine has its own bottle

In the Berlin Packaging catalog, bottles are divided according to their intended use. For still and sparkling wines and champagne, it is possible to choose the item that best suits a particular product selecting color, weight, height, capacity, brimful capacity, size, shape, diameter, and other details such as push up. There is also a possibility to design a special and unique bottle for a product together with a team of professional designers of Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven.

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We at Berlin Packaging pay particular attention to closing systems. These items guarantee products’ optimal preservation and can stand out for their customizable design. In fact, we offer not only standard closures, such as corks, but also a wide range of aluminium roll-on-pilfer-proof (ROPP) closures, including non-refillable and long skirted closures with appropriate liners (EPI, Saranex & Tin), Vinolok and mekano closures and sparkling wine foils and cages.

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