When it comes to food, the outside matters almost as much as the inside. That is why our clients expect special packaging. We at Berlin Packaging are proud to have knowledge and excellent experience in alimentary products packaging. Choose from traditional solutions, personalize your product, or create a bespoke design, Berlin Packaging will bring your ideal packaging to you. Also, our solutions are compliant with food packaging regulations.


One of the key markets for Berlin Packaging
The gourmet market is characterized by customization and personalization. In Berlin Packaging, every customer can find the high-end glass bottle for olive oil and vinegar that is perfect for their product. The catalog includes standard bottles, as well as solutions with separate shapes, handers, or other details to choose from for a new design.


Matching caps and closures are the icing on the cake that make the Berlin Packaging offering complete. A wide range of caps and closures is available for different jars and bottles. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to suit different containers and guarantee products’ optimal preservation and make them stand out. Because the caps are bought separately from the containers, there are more opportunities for packaging customization.

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