Personalization and customization: passwords to success

Besides the liquid that enters the bottle, the appearance also matters. In the gourmet market, personalization and unique bottles are two central elements. With decades of experience in working with olive oil and vinegars manufacturers, we at Berlin Packaging offer a wide assortment of high-end containers in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Customers can choose standard bottles, containers with separate shapes, handers, or other details. Also they can choose to create a new unique design in collaboration with Berlin Packaging’s professional design team of Studio One Eleven. There are many options available, and the gourmet market is perfect for customization.


In addition to the gourmet bottles, we at Berlin Packaging offer a variety of matching closures: plastic closures, Pilferproof closures, refillable closures, crown caps, crimp caps, wire hoods, and natural- and plastic corks, etc. These items guarantee the products’ optimal preservation and can stand out for their customizable design.

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