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Berlin Packaging addresses different sectors: chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, human and animal health, building industry, textile auxiliaries, treatment of metals or leather, raw materials and semi-finished products for confectionery and ice cream. 

Broad product range to satisfy every packaging need

The industrial market mainly uses standard packaging offered in conventional sizes. To satisfy needs of all the above listed sectors, we offer: small plastic bottles and jars, homologated for dangerous substances transportation jerry cans, plastic and metal buckets, drums and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) with different capacities (starting from only few ml up to 1,000 liters), bottles and vials manufactured in clean rooms and treated with sterilization, along with many other items. 

These products are often recyclable and can come with certifications that confirm their compliance with food packaging regulations, UN approvals for the transport of hazardous materials. Berlin Packaging also offers its customers a possibility to design and produce bespoke containers that would respond their individual requirements.  

Industrial products for all types of businesses

Among our customers are small artisan enterprises as well as corporations; all of them can find a perfect solution for their logistic needs, necessary to optimize their performance. We guarantee both product quality and timely and reliable services.

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