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Unpacking Y/Our sustainability potential

As Hybrid player in the packaging industry, we play a strategic role through the value chain, working together with our customers and suppliers to foster the culture of sustainability.

We are material and supplier-agnostic and we enjoy the best “trusted” position to provide our customers with substantiated sustainability claims.

Within our framework, we have defined a dedicated Global ESG Strategy, based on the following six pillars:

Business Ethics

We demand integrity and fairness of ourselves and from our business partners.

Quality & Customer orientation

We work every day to unlock our customers’ full potential, offering tailor-made and high quality solutions

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We want to team up with our suppliers to generate and enhance shared value along the entire supply chain

Innovation & Circularity

In addition to offering world-class innovation consultation to our customers we encourage creative thinking into every function


We empower our people and foster a working environment that encourages engagement and collaboration at all levels of our organization.

Health, Safety & Environment

We will play our part in mitigating climate change by partnering with suppliers and customers to reduce emissions throughout our value chain. 


We believe the perfect package is about more than just protecting and preserving the product inside. It’s about differentiating from the competition, standing out on the shelf and online, creating an effective and memorable user experience, and equally as important, protecting and preserving the environment for generations to come.


At Berlin Packaging, we aim to be an industry-leading provider of sustainable packaging products and services.

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