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OUR Ratings

Our company’s performance has been recognized in various external corporate ratings and indices, acknowledging our commitment to sustainability.

Berlin Packaging is committed to working constantly on its performance, both financial and in terms of social and environmental impact, with a view to continuous improvement. To manage its daily operational activities more structurally, efficiently, and effectively, the Company is expanding the scope of certifications, following the main International Management Systems.

Our Memberships

We partner with organizations championing sustainability, collectively strengthening and advancing the business case for sustainable packaging.

Aligns companies with ten principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, supporting UN sustainable development goals.

Promotes sustainable packaging practices and principles to minimize environmental impact.

Enhances plastic recycling through resources and networking opportunities.

Helps companies set emission reduction targets in line with climate goals.

Guides companies in designing recyclable plastic packaging for European systems.

Drives packaging and paper recycling in France through financing and support.

Provides packaging expertise and standards for innovation and sustainability.

Promotes packaging excellence and innovation in Italy.

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