Bullards gin

The aim of our collaboration was to develop packaging that would communicate the handcrafted nature of the spirit and would draw a link between the new packaging and the beer brewing heritage that have made Bullards an excellent name over the years.

This way, the packaging with the “Tipsy Anchor” has been born. The iconic shape of the bottle was inspired by the Bullard’s chimney stack that towered over the city for over 100 years and was completed by a beautiful and functional closure. This container comes directly from history to meet modernity and fascinate gin lovers all over the world. We have been able to give shape to Bullards needs developing a customized project that perfectly conveys the idea of a premium bottle anchored to the past with a look to the future.

Bullards Gin is achieving a great success in the world, and it was also awarded at NACD Awards 2019, an American contest organized by the National Association of Container Distributors: bronze medal for “Best Use of Custom Packaging” and silver medal for the “Beverage” section.

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