Dr.Stöcker’s Bag-in-Box

We at Berlin Packaging have been supplying the Bag-in-Box with UN quality mark for a long time, and it was exactly what Dr. Stöcker needed from a packaging provider. We proposed Bag-in-Box solution for their rim cleaners, pre-cleaners, waxes, foaming products, and shampoos. This way Dr. Stöcker has taken the next step in the fight against empty jugs at car wash locations. Bag-in-Box is a cardboard box containing a recyclable plastic bag. A complete system has been set up so that the packaging can be connected directly to the dosing pumps of the car wash by means of a special holder and adapter. Thanks to a sensor, employees are automatically notified when the packaging is empty and, therefore, needs to be replaced. After this, the empty plastic bag can be removed from the box, folded, and placed in the waste container.

LCA calculations show that the Bag-in-Box improves the environmental impact compared to the jerrycan in this situation. For example, fewer fossil fuels are needed, fewer GHG emissions are emitted, and significant water savings are made.

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