LIGHTWEIGHT RECYCLABLE RECYCLED CONTENT an innovative bottle designed by Studio One Eleven, perfect for sparkling wines and beer, it combines elegance and tradition, and it is compatible with the classic cork with metal wire hood and covering capsule fully recyclable without loss of quality, NEXT’s light weight material provides consistent energy and carbon savings along … Read more


RECYCLABLE RENEWABLE MATERIAL / RECYCLED MATERIAL closure for wine and spirits, only two components: glass and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), both recyclable the two parts can be separated for easy disposal


RECYCLABLE PCR RENEWABLE ENERGY CARBON COMPENSATION produced in a furnace powered with biomethane (waste) and renewable energy certified by Eco Power CO2 generated in production compensated by projects developed and supported by ClimatePartner available in antique green with 89% cullet and champagne green with 95% cullet

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