REUSABLE RECYCLABLE reusable food jars that help keep single-use plastic out of landfills and contribute to a circular economy ideal for reducing food waste – they help storing, preserving and pickling food.


REUSABLE RENEWABLE MATERIAL / RECYCLED MATERIAL RECYCLABLE LIGHTWEIGHTING refill systems for soaps, lotions, sanitizers, hair products and detergents the reusable bottle is made of aluminum: lightweight, durable and infinitely recyclable the refill is made of lightweight, flexible mono-material pouch (PE)


LIGHTWEIGHTING Cheertainer® is an innovative alternative to jerrycans, plastic pails, and bottles: the flat bag minimizes shipping and space requirements, the flexible cube shape minimizes dead space allowing more product per pallet, and it reduces plastic consumption 1 full truckload of Cheertainers equals 10 full truckloads of rigid pails Cheertainer reduces greenhouse gas consumption by … Read more


RECYCLABLE RECYCLED CONTENT distinctive, timeless design in 100% PCR-PET the grey hue is the natural result of mixing recycled plastics


LIGHTWEIGHT RECYCLABLE RECYCLED CONTENT an innovative bottle designed by Studio One Eleven, perfect for sparkling wines and beer, it combines elegance and tradition, and it is compatible with the classic cork with metal wire hood and covering capsule fully recyclable without loss of quality, NEXT’s light weight material provides consistent energy and carbon savings along … Read more


LIGHTWEIGHT RECYCLABLE mono-material (all PE) box pouches with a zipper and laser score, ideal for dry products (powders and grains) resource-saving transport and storage, resulting in a low carbon footprint compared to rigid containers


REUSABLE Reusable, metal-free pressure-proof stopper, it can be re-used up to 70 times.


RECYCLABLE RENEWABLE MATERIAL / RECYCLED MATERIAL closure for wine and spirits, only two components: glass and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), both recyclable the two parts can be separated for easy disposal


RECYCLABLE RECYCLED CONTENT jerrycans made with up to 50% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) fully recyclable with standard HDPE


REUSABLE RECYCLABLE refillable reed diffuser ideal for home fragrances products. an external holder is screwed on a 50 ml bottle for a quick, spill-free refill experience available also in BIOBASED PP and PCR-PET

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