Berlin Packaging announces Binding Commitment with O-I France SAS to acquire the iconic Le Parfait business and brands

The Le Parfait acquisition would expand Berlin Packaging’s product portfolio for B2B and B2C markets
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    27 October 2021
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Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announced today the signing of a binding commitment with O-I France SAS pursuant to which Berlin Packaging France SAS would acquire the Le Parfait business and brands.

Founded in Reims, France, in the early 1930s, Le Parfait is known for its iconic glass jars and lids manufactured by O-I France SAS and its affiliates. The brand is popular in France, born from the tradition of homemade preserves, jams, honeys, and terrines that are delicious and long-lasting. Assembled with orange rubber seals, the jars are easily identifiable for consumers and ideal for preserving food while reducing waste. Both glass jars and lids are resilient, reusable, and recyclable, and the seals are made from natural and recycled rubber, helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

Acquisition of the Le Parfait brand would strengthen our leadership in the glass packaging industry and further establishes Berlin Packaging as the leading and trusted partner for high-quality glass containers, not only in the business-to-business (B2B) market but also in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market.

Paolo Recrosio

CEO of Berlin Packaging EMEA

The Le Parfait brand is synonymous with sustainability and quality, both of which are essential to our business. This acquisition would allow us to continue to grow our footprint in Europe, while expanding our sustainable packaging solutions across the globe.

Bill Hayes

CEO and President of Berlin Packaging

Le Parfait glass jars and lids are manufactured at plants in Puy-Guillaume, France and Sevilla, Spain. O-I France and its affiliates would continue to manufacture the Le Parfait glass jars and lids under a long-term supply agreement with Berlin Packaging France, ensuring continuity of supply for this product.

This would be the 17th acquisition by Berlin Packaging in EMEA since 2016 and the 7th acquisition in EMEA in 2021.

The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and subject to the works council consultation. Berlin Packaging expects the acquisition to be completed around year end.

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