Cosmoprof 2024, ‘Sustainable Prestige’ range expansion

At stand B/16 - C/21, Hall 15, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries presents the hands-on 'Refill experience' dedicated to refillable solutions innovation for the beauty markets
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    March 20th, 2024
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Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® specializing in the supply of glass, plastic, and metal packaging and closures, participates at Cosmopack with the Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries stand to present new collections designed for fragrance, makeup, and skincare markets in the name of premium offerings focusing on sustainability.

At stand B/16 – C/21 in Hall 15, the company – the ideal partner for companies of all sizes in the beauty industry – will present its ‘one-stop shop’ proposition. In fact, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries offers a value proposition tailored to customers’ needs and aimed at accompanying them at all stages of project development: from concept and branding creation to primary and secondary packaging manufacturing, and decoration, to customized solutions, and logistics services.  

One of the main news at the trade show regards the fragrance market – Euphoria, a collection of elegant glass perfumery bottles, available with FEA15 or 15/415 refills neck, in 30, 50, and 100 ml capacities with a cylindrical-conical section.

The 15/415 refill models, in combination with the refill set, consisting of a larger capacity glass bottle and a refill accessory for a unique refilling experience – offer a consumer the possibility to easily and safely refill bottles once the product has been used up. Also with the screw neck, it is easy to separate different materials of the packaging solution, facilitating proper disposal.

The Euphoria collection is characterized by details that make its design unique: its rounded shoulder and the thick glass base give it the ability to adapt to any type of brand, inspired in a contemporary manner by the refined shapes of high-end classic perfumery. It is possible to customize Euphoria with different glass decorations and with accessories that add character to the packaging, such as the new Sopoy and Kopoy capsules. For this launch, the collection is presented with two types of decoration: the first proposal enhances the product’s shape with an opaque shiny pastel-colored varnish, with tone-on-tone screen-printing and hot-foil printing; the second proposal with black screen printing and gold hot stamping in while maintaining the transparent bottle, to enhance the bulk in extra flint glass. 

In the fragrance ‘Refill Experience’ area of the stand, the Euphoria Refill collection will be flanked by the iconic Infusion Refill collection now expanded with 50, 30, and 15ml capacities in addition to the 100ml container. Infusion has been designed to enhance the fragrances of high-end perfumery and home fragrances in the name of sustainability and personalization. The innovations introduced with this proposal are the fruit of our corporate mission, which drives us to create attractive and iconic premium full packaging solutions that are sustainable and future-oriented, as the luxury market demands.

The branding made by Studio One Eleven, the design and innovation division of Berlin Packaging, enhances the sophistication of the Infusion Fragrance Refill collection’s silhouette with apothecary overtones through a semi-transparent deep purple varnish and a tone-on-tone screen print enriched with glossy gold hot stamping. The beauty of this collection lives in its details; the combination with metallic wood capsule echoes the gold details of the customization, highlighting the natural texture of the wood thanks to the highly reflective metallic effect.

Perfumery packaging beauty lies in the perfect balance between container and accessories: the new collection of Kopoy and Sopoy capsules with their modern and sophisticated shapes has been designed to enhance the silhouettes of perfumery bottles in the best possible way. Their aesthetic impact comes from the materials used: strong natural connotations thanks to the use of wood, or fascinating textures with no limits on patterns ensured by the use of special bio-based resin, used to create closures with a strong aesthetic impact.

The company also focuses on new makeup and skincare innovations. For instance, new Interstellar, Double Glass Refill & Go collections, and the range extension of the Luxe collection with the new Luxe Refill 50 ml jar.

Interstellar features full-bodied, angled tip tip-flocked applicators designed to provide a pleasant, soft sensation on the skin. Thanks to precise dosage, this collection represents ideal high-quality glass packaging for different beauty formulas: foundations, concealers, lip oils, primers, serums, and skincare treatments. Available in sizes of 10, 20, and 30 ml, these versatile solutions are perfect for carrying around without sacrificing a safe and premium product. Interstellar’s capsule and rod have been designed to be easily customized according to the needs of each brand to match with other bottles in the Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries catalogue.

Always in line with the company’s eco-design mission, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries presents at Cosmopack the range extension of its iconic Luxe collection with a new refillable glass jar: Luxe 50 ml refill. This packaging was designed to allow consumers to reuse most of its components (the outer glass jar and its accessories), thanks to the glass mouth’s design that houses mono-material PP Refill Cup that is easy to replace with a new one. Studio One Eleven’s design team worked on a special mechanism between the neck of the glass jar and the cup, which ensures a secure fitting but at the same time easy removal of the refill.

For extra-premium skincare and makeup segments, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries presents Double Glass Refill & Go, the new refillable glass collection available in 15 and 30-ml sizes. This packaging takes on a new connotation in terms both of experience and loyalty by offering a consumer the possibility to carry around the product’s heart, glass ampoule, and its pump, but also to refill the product quickly and intuitively. The technical detail of the ring developed by Studio One Eleven is the strong point of this sustainable solution designed to enhance the quality of high-end beauty formulas: packaging components can be easily separated and differentiated by the material at the end of use.

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