2022 Sustainability Report

At Berlin Packaging, we are committed to leading the future of sustainable packaging.
As a company, we are dedicated to driving positive impact for our people and our planet. Our ESG strategy focuses in fact on unpacking sustainability potential, whether it be within our own company, for our customers, or with our supplier network and partners.

As part of our continuous effort, in 2023 we published our first global 2022 Sustainability Report.
Together with all our stakeholders, we want to be an active player in building a more sustainable future.

We continuously invest in career development, helping our people grow in ways that create value for them and our business. We are dedicated to creating the best possible work environment, which includes nurturing a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Bill Hayes

Global CEO & President




Measured our Carbon footprint for the first time, establishing our Company baseline:
  • Scope 1, Direct Emissions: 714 T CO2 Eq of natural gas
  • Scope 2, Indirect Emissions: 5.164 T CO2 Eq of electricity
  • 72% of total waste diverted from landfills towards our >90% Diversion rate goal*
*compared to 2021 baseline


  • We plan to launch a dedicated Health, Safety & Sustainability campaign to drive sustainability performance, ensure safe working conditions, and grow our sustainability and people engagement initiatives.
  • By 2030, reduce our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions by 25% based on 2022 baseline.



  • Grew our Company to 2,409 Berliners globally
  • Over 45 nationalities represented


  • We want to promote a culture of Health & Safety, engaging all our employees, going far beyond mere compliance.
  • Develop a Performance and Result-oriented Culture to assess our People potential and performance and to enhance talent management and career-development Programs, increasing retention and brand reputation among employees.
  • Promote diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion, sharing a non-discrimination culture that enhances different abilities, backgrounds, experiences and orientations. Develop specific initiative for parity and equality in the workforce, especially on gender and generational diversity.
  • Promote and nurture a company-wide sustainability culture
  • Fostering the sustainability assessment of our main suppliers through Ecovadis
  • Diversifying our supplier network to support minority communities and small businesses
  • Collaborating with suppliers to improve resource efficiency and circularity
  • Pushing our key suppliers in order to invest in the best technologies with the aim to promote sustainability and traceability along the value chain
  • Including ESG criteria in the new suppliers’ assessment
  • Implementing suppliers’ audits, with strong focus on health & safety aspects



Aligned our sustainability commitments to globally recognized frameworks
  • Committed to set a science-based target through the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)
  • Signed onto the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)


  • Promote integrity, fairness, and transparency in all aspects of our business with our people, customers, and supply partners
  • Provide continuous training on business ethics & compliance to all our employees

I love the continuous transformation at Berlin Packaging and our Anything Is Possible® culture. Our mission is to promote a sustainability culture along our value chain: from our suppliers and customers to the local communities where we operate.

Paolo Recrosio


We are dedicated to developing sustainable packaging solutions for our customers, improving our company performance, and collaborating with our stakeholders to drive sustainable change— something that, as a company, we must do for our people and our planet.

Dario Bassetti

EMEA Chief Marketing Officer

Supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability targets

We offer an unparalleled suite of sustainability services

We help our customers unpack their full sustainability potential.

Our goals:

  • Increase our customers’ use of packaging recycled content across their product portfolio.

  • Design our products with comprehensive sustainability attributes to minimize environmental impact, such as optimal material use and reuse/refill.

  • Expand our suite of sustainability services to help our customers unpack their full sustainability potential

Download Our
2022 Sustainability report


Sustainability Report

Download Our
2022 Sustainability report


Sustainability Report

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