Berlin Packaging wins Best in Class award at 2023 Pac Global Awards

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    13 February 2023
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Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announces the award received at the 2023 Pac Global Awards that recognizes and celebrates the craft of package brand design and innovation from around the world. Berlin Packaging’s whiskey project El Bocoy de José Páez developed for the Spanish distillery Bodegas Dios Baco has been awarded as Best in Class in Brand Marketing, Premium | Luxury category.

We are grateful for the Best in Class recognition from Pac Global for the El Bocoy project in the Luxury category. It is an honor to be awarded amongst other world-class teams and by such a respected judge’s panel. Our design teams in Seville and Milan collaborated to develop every element of this program for Bodegas Dios Baco. We are proud that every detail was scratch built by our team and is a testament to their skill and Berlin’s capabilities and hybrid expertise.

Andrew Sanguinet

Chief Design Officer, Berlin Packaging EMEA

Berlin Packaging’s full-service approach to innovation combines analysis of user needs, market research and insights to build a foundation for our brand and industrial design teams to explore numerous creative solutions. The team then develops the selected concept, builds prototypes and refines the design until it meets both the original design vision and the manufacturing requirements, resulting in creative work that is suitable for the real world.

For El Bocoy de José Páez whiskey, Berlin Packaging’s mission was to help Bodegas Dios Baco to create a brand and packaging that would be in-line with the high quality of the product. For this project, Berlin Packaging was a “one-stop shop” for the customer: The design team in Milan designed and developed the glass structure, while the team in Seville developed the branding along with the custom closure and secondary canister package.

The El Bocoy de José Páez project combines tradition and aesthetic trends in a single product making it appealing to younger audience without losing connection to its traditions, heritage, and origins. The bottle is characterized by a modern graphic line, which does not hide the product but rather enhances it. Moreover, personalized barrel-shaped closure in carved and stained wood was added to give it a little vintage look. The light and recyclable canister made of cardboard and metal follows the graphic line of the bottle and completes the packaging.

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