207 Amaro Locale

The product is presented through packaging that perfectly interprets these values, giving elegance and simplicity to this special product with a unique flavour, which comes from the aromatic notes of saffron, herbaceous and fresh notes mixed with citrus tones and a final balsamic note.

Working closely with Pernod Ricard, our Studio One Eleven brought the customer’s concept to life, elevating it to a complete and tailor-made packaging solution. The bottle, which is premium, elegant, and refined, and whose amber colour recalls the honey and gold nuances of the liqueur, becomes the perfect exterior, fully embodying the Italian spirit of the ‘bohemian viveur’, always on the move, looking for a dynamic interior place, but always close to tradition.

The project did not stop at the creation of primary packaging alone. The presentation of Amaro Locale in Italian haute cuisine with dedicated menus created by the chefs and cocktails by resident mixologists led to the exhibition of the product through a hexagonal oak wood Glorifier, completed by the natural strings that wrap and hold the bottle. It is a true jewel that manages to present the product, enhancing its spirit, which is historical and at the same time modern. Next to the Glorifier, we find the “bitter experience kit” with a tray in painted oak wood and personalised with laser engravings, Logan glass by Berlin Packaging and branded Amaro Locale plus spices: everything you need to mix the bitter, creating new horizons of flavour and enabling the best resident mixologists to express their creativity.

The entire project, from the bottle to the glorifier and the “bitter experience kit”, was designed and created by the Studio One Eleven team, which was able to perfectly interpret the customer’s needs and give the right value to the launch of this magnificent product.

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