The goal was to create packaging for batteries that can withstand a massive battery fire (a so-called ‘Thermal runaway’), without the outside of the packaging becoming too hot. In addition, the solution had to be able to contain any hazardous gases released during a battery fire.

Transport of hazardous substances is subject to UN certification and regulations. Recently, BUNCKER® received the ADR UN certification according LP906, ensuring compliance with current European regulations for road transport. This certification further solidifies BUNCKER®’s position as a trusted solution in the industry, offering you peace of mind in your logistics operations. Furthermore, BUNCKER® has successfully passed lifting and stacking tests, ensuring that you can safely stack and lift the packaging throughout your supply chain, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Finally, BUNCKER® has been honored with the prestigious IF Design Award 2024 that recognizes outstanding design excellence from around the globe.

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