The design, created by our Studio One Eleven, was developed from Arya, a model belonging to the Premium line of the Sublime collection. This bottle, with its minimalist charm and noble lines, succeeds in capturing the essence of the product and enhancing its purity. Just as it did with IOVEM. Studio One Eleven reworked the Arya design to the customer’s specifications to add personalisation elements in the embossing, change the mouth type and make the container lighter.

The aim was to give IOVEM an iconic container that could identify the new category of alcoholic nectars in the future. The stylised shape recalls the lines of the containers used two thousand years ago, readapting them to our times in a blend of historicity and modernity. The “flattened” shape is also perfect for bringing out the liqueur’s purple colour.

Inspired by Mulsum, a drink made of wine, honey and spices popular in Roman times, IOVEM reinterprets the historic recipe by replacing wine with a fine grain alcohol and a mixture of honey, ginger and lemon. A truly innovative product whose strength lies in the original mix of flavours and spices as well as in its colour, purple. In the past, mixing has never been able to achieve such a colouration. It is therefore the first time that a liqueur has managed to acquire this colour, obtained through the natural colours of the wine.

We are really proud to have helped IOVEM to find the ideal packaging for the launch of this innovative product. Above all, because we share the company’s focus on sustainability. The bottle is made of glass and is completely recyclable. Iovem has also chosen a colour that allows up to 50% recycled glass to be used.

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