Luxe Pack Monaco 2023, Berlin Packaging presents the new Infusion Refill collection

Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries is breaking new ground in the prestige fragrance sector by offering refillable packaging solutions with an exclusive and contemporary design, for brands that want to stand out, also thanks to a focus on sustainability
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    28 September 2023
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Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® specialising in the supply of glass, plastic and metal packaging and closures, returns to Luxe Pack Monaco with an innovation in the field of prestige fragrance: the Infusion Fragrance collection becomes refillable, a direct expression of the company’s consolidated expertise in premium packaging for the beauty sector and of the mission that guides it in the creation of packaging collections developed following eco-design criteria.

Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries presents the Infusion Fragrance packaging collection in a new guise. The iconic 100 ml FEA 15 bottle becomes refillable thanks to a new version with a screw neck, which allows the consumer, in combination with the refill set, to refill it once the fragrance is empty. In fact, with the refill twist pump presented in combination with the Neville 150 ml bottle, Berlin Packaging is responding to an increasing demand for refillable packaging in the masstige and prestige fragrance market. Infusion Refill is also synonymous with sustainability: the screw neck allows to immediately separate the glass bottle from its accessories, helping the final consumer in the recycling process.

Infusion has been designed to enhance the fragrances of high-end perfumery and home fragrance in the name of sustainability and personalisation. The innovations introduced with this proposal are the fruit of our corporate mission, which drives us to create attractive and iconic premium full packaging solutions that are sustainable and future-oriented, as the luxury market demands

Alessandro Prestini

CEO of  Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries 

The beauty lies in the details of this collection, and the decorative capabilities of Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries enhance its potential: the design is elegant and timeless, characterised by a silhouette with apothecary overtones, modelled by strong, minimalist curves. It is presented in a semi-transparent deep purple varnish, and personalised by a tone-on-tone screen print enriched with glossy gold hot stamping. The metallic wood capsule echoes the gold details of the customisation, highlighting the natural texture of the wood thanks to the highly reflective metallic effect.

Infusion Fragrance, in addition to the already existing 30, 50 and 100 ml FEA 15 bottles, is completed with a 200 ml bottle with 24-410 neck size, soon to be joined by a new size in 300 ml: perfect formats for home care and home fragrance products thanks to the possible combination with various accessories, from dispenser pumps to diffusers with wands with elegant wooden or aluminium neck covers. The Infusion collection is the first of a long list of new fragrance collections that Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries will be presenting in the coming months, pursuing its commitment to the creation of sustainable and prestige packaging.

Specialising in primary and secondary packaging for fine fragrance, skincare, colour cosmetic and home fragrance sectors, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries aims to reinvent the perfumery market with the creation of sophisticated and entirely customisable solutions.

The Infusion collection, in fact, enriches the fragrance proposal of Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries that is already on the market and that stands out thanks to a refined design and a striking comprehensiveness in terms of format. This year at Luxe Pack Monaco 2023, the company presents some of these collections in a new decorative guise, in addition to a new collection designed for the masstige market:

  • Euphoria: a new collection of 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles with a cylindrical conical section, characterised by an imposing round shoulder and subtle thicknesses, which give this collection the ability to adapt to any type of brand, inspired in a contemporary manner by the refined shapes of classic perfumery.
  • Himiko: ancient perfumery meets the modernity of regular shapes, giving life to a collection of glass bottles characterised by a square section softened by apothecary details. Available in 30, 50 and 100 ml sizes with an FEA 15 spout, Himiko is an ever-evolving collection whose distinctive design has recently been complemented by bottles and jars with screw spouts in both plastic and glass suitable for the skincare market.
  • Moon: the simplicity of a circle draws the outline of this collection, enhanced by a scaling that emphasises the beauty of the glass by elevating its content. Its wide, slightly curved surfaces make the two 75 ml bottles in main size and 12 ml in travel format perfect for brands whose visual communication and imagination know no limits.
  • Vip Fragrance: luxury travel size 5 and 10 ml with FEA 13 and screw spouts available in both cylindrical and square cross-sections: Vip Fragrance bottles are bestsellers thanks to their exquisite glass quality and a perfect size impression for premium packaging with reduced nominal content.

The Luxe Pack Monaco fragrance offer is completed by Natural Vibes, developed for the home fragrance market. Designed with the aim of enhancing the environments we live in every day, this elegant selection of room diffusers and spray vaporizers is made of glass, with wooden closures that recall natural textures. Matt finish coatings lend a ceramic look to the glass bottles, embellished with tone-on-tone embossed lettering thanks to the use of 3D inkjet technology.

A visit to stand RD06 (Ravel Hall) will also give the opportunity to learn more about the Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries collections for the beauty sector by discovering first-hand the potential offered by various solutions, including Double Glass and Airglass Slim Refill & Go.

Double Glass was designed for the prestige packaging segment dedicated to luxury beauty formulas, enhancing the textures of cosmetic formulas thanks to an innovative and attractive design, characterised by a tubular glass ampoule that appears suspended inside a transparent glass bottle. Available in two sizes of 15 and 30 ml, the bottles of the Double Glass collection are designed for luxury skincare and make-up formulas such as serums, creams, lotions, masks, gels, foundations and illuminants, and are refillable up to 25 times for less environmental impact.

Airglass Slim Refill & Go is the perfect solution for beauty formulas that need to be kept free from external contamination, thanks to the combination of airless packaging inside a refillable glass bottle. Airglass Slim Refill & Go combines a glamorous and slender aesthetic with a special assembly feature that facilitates the correct disposal of each component thanks to a completely removable filling system. The possibility of separating the PP airless bottle from the glass bottle by means of a safety clip that blocks the dispensing of the pump makes it possible to carry this solution with you in complete safety.

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