For customers operating in beverage industry, we at Berlin Packaging have a wide range of glass and plastic solutions as well as caps and closures. In our offering, we combine function and innovation. Our goal is to offer a packaging of great design and quality that is marketable and functions well on the filling line to ensure operational excellence. Customers can choose a right packaging from a catalog and discover innovative Berlin Packaging collections or create a brand-new model perfect for their product.


Being a global leading supplier of high-end glass bottles, wine and champagne is one of the main markets Berlin Packaging offers services in. Company’s journey begins afar and combines the extraordinary experience in the glass sector with the desire to give shape and substance to the sector’s most iconic bottle designs.


Spirits is one of the markets upon which Berlin Packaging puts its focus. A bottle is a key element of the appearance that shows the look of the product and determines the feeling. Berlin Packaging has a large collection of glass bottles perfect for all kinds of spirits and alcoholic beverages.

Other Beverages

We at Berlin Packaging serve all packaging needs, thanks to its both wide and profound expertise. Among the best cases are the supply of both glass and plastic packaging in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors for brands of water, beer, juices, soft, sport and energy drinks, powdered beverages, dairy (and dairy substitute) products and many other non-carb liquids.


Matching caps and closures are the icing on the cake that makes the Berlin Packaging offering complete. A wide range of caps and closures is available for different beverage bottles. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to suit different bottles and guarantee products’ optimal preservation and make them stand out. Because the caps are bought separately from the containers, there are more opportunities for packaging customization. For instance, for still and sparkling wine and for champagne bottles Berlin Packaging’s offering goes way beyond standard corks. While for spirits we have bartops, capsules, Vinolok and wax closing systems and more.

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