The right choice for Argotier was ClimatePartner-certified bottle Helium Mixology*, created by our Studio One Eleven designers. Argotier appreciated the light green colour of the bottle, achieved through significant recycled glass content (up to 75%). Our customer has enhanced the packaging with a durable closure and a plant-based label (composed of 95% sugarcane fibers and 5% hemp and flax fibers). The printing paper is white, matt, wood-free and uncoated, with REH (Resistance à l’Etat Humide) and anti-cryptogamic (anti-mildew treatment) properties. The adhesive used to stick this label is water-soluble.

* the project Helium Mixology is carried out in partnership with ClimatePartner, a leading German company in carbon accounting services since 2006. It includes the calculation of the Product Carbon Footprint, identifying high level reduction potential, exploring different emission scenarios, and offsetting unabated emissions through the support of high quality, certified carbon compensation projects.

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