Dutch Head® Premium Rum

Dutch Head® Premium Rum name refers to the origin and the distillation process of their rum. The distillation of rum can be done in four different phases: the foreshot, heads, hearts and tails. While most rums don’t add the heads, Dutch Head did and that’s what makes the taste even more complex and special. The peculiarity of ‘heads’ is that, being at the initial stage of distillation and thus at lower temperatures, they give rise to a lighter alcohol with stronger fruity and floral aromas.

The 2023 edition offers two versions of rum. The first one is characterized by a dark color and is fermented from sugarcane molasses and a single cask pot still rum, from the former Clarendon estate distillery in Jamaica. It has been casked in 1984 and then shipped to Liverpool in 2018.
The other one is a combination of two distillations in 1982 and 1983 from another “secret” distillery in Jamaica. Again, a single cask pot still rum with a slightly brighter color, shipped to Liverpool in 2009.
Both rare and exclusive rum’s have done a last trip in 2021 for final maturation below the sea level in Schiedam, the Netherlands. So, these products are almost 39 and 40 years old!

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